Strawberry Chocolate Whip

             Blueberry Whip

      Apple Cinnamon Whip




                              Vegetarian Savory Delight

                           Spinach, Mushroom, Swiss Cheese

                                          Le Classic

                      Ham, Mushroom, Spinach, Swiss Cheese

                                     Chicken Cuisine

                       Chicken, Sundried Tomatoes, Pesto, Swiss Cheese

                                        Sunny Delight

              Ham, Fresh Cooked Egg, Maple Syrup, Swiss Cheese

                                    West Coast Salmon 

          Smoked Salmon, Pesto, Red Onions, Cream Cheese, Spinach

                                     French Connection

                          Ham, Swiss Cheese, Maple Syrup

                                     Chicken Florentine 

                    Chicken, Spinach, Cream Cheese, Red Onion


                                   Desert Crepes:

                             Strawberry Chocolate Whip

                                  Apple Cinnamon Whip

                                 Banana, Chocolate, Whip  

                                       Blueberry Whip

                                       Nutella Banana

                                      Sugar Cinnamon 

                                          Lemon Butter 

 Savory Crepes:

                Savory Crepes:

     Chicken and Cheese

        Ham and Cheese

      Spinach and Cheese

           Cheese Only


        Our Hot Lunch Program Offers a Fun, Original Fundraising Opportunity for Your School ! We Bring a      Food Truck Right to You ! As a Thank You We Offer           10% of All Proceeds Back to Your School's PAC ! 

                      Our Hot Lunch Services Include:


                               With Drink     Without Drink

               Crepes      $6.00            $5.00   

             Burgers      $6.00            $5.00

          Hot Dogs       $5.00           $4.00

                   * Vegetarian Options are Also Available *

  Please Let Us Know if You Have Any Other Requests 

We Do Our Best to Accommodate Your Wants & Needs



     We are excited to bring our food trucks right to the school and cook    

   fresh unique food for the students and faculty. We have been in

   operation for 14 years with our food concession business, and have    

   recently ventured into supporting School PACs, and being able to give        money back to the schools while offering a great service.  

      We have been traveling with our food trucks for the past 14 years    

   across Canada at festivals and concerts, as well as supplying food to  

   movie productions all year round. We have decided to work in our  

   community more as a way to help schools raise some well needed funds  

   for their students and programs. We are working with schools and

   school PACs through hot lunch offers, and food truck festivals tide in      

   with school events. By donating proceeds earned back to the schools, we  

   are creating a great symbiotic relationship. 

      The food truck festival ties in with school functions and also has the  

   ability if wanted to bring outside community patrons into increase    

   funds ... really the skies the limit with this one as far as options of food  

   and marketing.

      Both the hot lunches & food truck festivals have worked very well

   with our schools we have worked with already. We have many exciting  

    ideas as we are in the process of expanding right now with this  

    program. We are also very happy to speak with you via the phone, or  

    we can come to any PAC meeting if you wish to discuss with us further. 

      We are excited about our new venture. We know good food & we know      great service ! We look forward to working with you  & your school  

   PAC, to be the best we can be in this venture. 

           Please Contact Us For More Details

   Bring a Food Truck to Your School !



                Desert Crepes:

               Our Food Reflects our

Commitment to Exceptional Quality